DIY Marketing Series - Live Streaming Ideas

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If you are on Facebook or Twitter, you have likely noticed a number of live videos popping up over the last year. These can be focused on concerts, parties, travel and in many cases are used to simply say Hi to friends. These are great ways people can use live streaming, but these free services also present an excellent opportunity to business owners who are looking to increase their online presence.

For those with limited marketing budgets, live streaming can actually be one of the most powerful promotional tools at your disposal. 


Need Some Ideas?

1. Events - If your company is hosting an event, or presenting at one, live streaming is an excellent option for expanding your audience, and spreading your brands visibility.

2. Behind The Curtain - What is a day in your professional life like? Are there things you can show off that you believe potential/current customers would find interesting/appealing?

3. Q & A - Host a question and answer period. Give people a chance to ask your expertise on a number of things, and further establish your brand as a helpful, knowledgeable option.

4. Demo - Show people how to use or do something. Teach them a new skill, or show them how your company can give them a solution. 

5. How To - Similar to Demo, putting on a How To session with a live stream audience can be rewarding, and is a memorable engagement with potential clients.

Before You Live Stream

Prior to going live, make sure you plan out what you are doing. You want the presentation to flow smoothly, so if you need to have anything at hand, make sure it is. Then make sure you announce that you will be going live in advance of it by at least a couple of hours, so people have an opportunity to prepare themselves to catch it. If you can come up with a compelling descriptive intro for your stream, all the better.

If the first few times do not draw many people, do not get discouraged. If you are offering the public something they want, the public will ultimately come to you.

Good luck.