Campaign Auditing

With our systematic tracking and campaign auditing process, we will easily identify the sources that drive your success, and help identify areas for improvement.

Are You Getting the Most from Your Marketing Investment?

Our campaign audits will help shed light on your efforts. Whether you’re working with an agency or have your own in-house team, every dollar you spend on marketing counts.

But with new technologies emerging every day, and at the rate that companies like Google are updating their platforms, the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving.

With VonClaro’s campaign auditing, we can help you delve into your marketing strategies and campaign to uncover the elements that will help you beat your competition to customers.

Start with the Right Questions

Are your campaign settings and structure optimized for your conversion goals?
What are your current SEO rankings and what could make them better?
Are there new products and channels out there that make sense for your business?
Are your campaigns, processes and data protected from your competitors?

Rely on Experts for the Answers

True understanding of the digital marketing landscape takes not only time and attention, it also takes years of deep experience. Our team has conducted over 200 audits to date, across all sectors, from retail to financial, automotive, technology and more.

Making sure our clients’ marketing strategies are effective is both our mission and our passion – and we want to work with you. Contact us today to get started.

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