Exploring the Impact of the Largest Social Media Platforms

Today, social media platforms are an integral part of our everyday lives and offer a plethora of opportunities for people to communicate, connect, and consume content, both personally and professionally. With the proliferation of the largest social media platforms, it is important to examine the varying impacts and implications these platforms have had on society.

Depending on how they are used, social media can be beneficial as it can enable users to maintain relationships, stay informed, establish large networks, and create a platform for businesses to advertise their services and products. However, with potential as great as this and the added risk of data breaches, misuse of private information, and the referral of faulty content, it is critical that due diligence is taken to maximize the potential of social media platforms.

Big Social Media Platforms

The largest social media platforms today include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat. Despite having different user interfaces and features, they all share the common purpose of connecting its users through the exchange of digital content. Furthermore, they have grown to become the foundation for many individuals to build and maintain meaningful relationships.

According to data from Statista, as of January 2021, Facebook is the multi-national social networking platform with the most active monthly users world-wide at approximately 2.9 billion active monthly users. Additionally, the same source states that, by February 2021, Twitter and Snapchat each have about 145 million active monthly users; Instagram is estimated to have as many as 110 million active monthly users, andYouTube boasts nearly 2 billion monthly users.

Impact of Social Media

Human Relationships

Networked relationships have become the norm, and social media platforms have made networking faster, easier, and more cost-efficient. Social networks create a sense of closeness, even if the relationships are not face-to-face. It is this sense of intimacy that leads people to share seemingly private information online. While this is a benefit of social media, it is also the potential risk.

Part of networking is creating connection or even networks of influence. This means that individuals with larger networks may have more influence over other users’ perspectives and opinions. While this can be positive through sharing of valuable content, it can also be detrimental if false information is circulated and there is no reliable source of data or corroboration to ensure the accuracy of the information.

Its usage over time has evolved. At first social media served as a platform for people to share photos and funny videos, however in recent times there has been an increasing trend towards businesses utilizing social media for advertising, marketing, and product promotion. As such, companies are using a new type of storytelling to reach audiences of all ages, making it easy to access global markets and expand their reach.

The success of social media platforms in marketing has led to the emergence of social media influencers. These influencers have a large following who rely heavily on the influencers’ opinions or advice when making decisions, giving these individuals a more powerful influence.

Dangers with Social Media

Along with the various potential benefits, social media also has drawbacks. Heavy use of social media can result in an individual becoming increasingly addicted, leading to negative outcomes such as decreased motivation, impaired social skills, or behavioural issues. Social media can also be an avenue for criminal activity such as scams, cyberbullying, and online harassment, potentially changing an individual’s behaviour and aspirations.

The threat of data breaches also hangs over the cyber world as hackers can exploit personal information for counterfeit transactions. Additionally, platform algorithms control what users see, raising questions regarding freedom of speech and may create ‘echo chambers’ or ‘filter bubbles,’ whereby users only receive content tailored to their personal tastes and preferences, limiting their consumption of different content.

What strategies can be used to maximize the effectiveness of using social media platforms?  One strategy is to manage the user’s online privacy by limiting the amount of personal information shared. Additionally, users should create strong passwords and limit interactions with individuals they do not know to protect their private data. Users should also be mindful of what is being posted and consider the wider implications of how that post may affect others. Moreover, educational institutions are using social media to engage and support their students and faculty members.

social media platforms

Key Points

  • Exploring the impact of the largest social media platforms can be beneficial as it can enable users to maintain relationships, stay informed, establish large networks, and create a platform for businesses to advertise their services and products.
  • As of January 2021, Facebook had approximately 2.9 billion active monthly users and Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, andYouTube were estimated to have 145 million, 110 million, 145 million, and 2 billion active monthly users respectively.
  • Networked relationships have become the norm, and social media platforms have made it faster, easier, and more cost-efficient and, whilst this has led to creating connection or even networks of influence, people must be mindful of the potential risks such as data breaches, misuse of private information, faulty content, and addiction to the platforms.
  • Strategies for managing privacy, creating strong passwords, limiting interactions with strangers, being mindful of posts made, and utilizing social media to engage students and faculty can be used to maximize the potential of the social media platform.


In conclusion, the largest social media platforms offer a wide array of opportunities that can be beneficial, both professionally and personally. However, as with all forms of technology, there are potential drawbacks that can have lasting effects and proper due diligence must be taken when using them to ensure maximum potential.  By understanding the implications of social media, users can take critical steps to ensure that the use of social media is used to their fullest potential in the face of various challenges.

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